Modular Type

A unicase alphabet using only four modules, a modular type. I would neither reshape, nor modify them in anyway, including their size. However, I did use them again and again in each letter.

Despite being inspired by the Shodo, the art of oriental calligraphy, we live in modern times, and the brush gave its place to the pen and marker. The closest and most practical relative to the brush would be a large rectangular marker, as it can draw large and narrow lines.

This typeface is later applied in a depliant issuing a Peter Savile’s manifesto:

“The cultural adventure has been consumed by business. Making things better is a moral issue, but morality and business don’t go together – business is, if not immoral, then amoral. We know we should be keeping people out of stores but we all have to work with business. It can’t really be all about idealism and altruism.”  (Peter Saville, 2007)