CHIMPAN zine: Scaling Up!

Everyone dreams of this part of any hopefully successful project or business. A milestone that validates your journey. Isn’t it why we enjoy the training bit of any skill related film?  A repetition of “Wax on, wax off” to then… puff! A scaled up and evolved CHIMPAN zine!

CHIMPAN is taking the leap from zine to magazine, so jump with me. It’s been such a fun project with the first issue that this second one had to be made. This issue looks at how can you apply this expression to your project from many angles. I had the pleasure to talk to RUDE, who took it from fun to (family) business, while Donk challenges the size and scale in his work. Also had the opportunity to talk to Lucie from Hex prints, who is taking her own revised steps from the former Luma studio. I am surely taking notes.

Last but not least, I have invited the amazing Natasha to illustrate and present a pet project of mine – the print swaps. We will tell you all about it. Here’s the second issue, enjoy!

CHIMPAN zine: Scaling Up! by Zé Montero


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