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‘Up the Shard’ Screen Print

‘Up The Shard’ is a commissioned screen print I made for RUDE, hand-printing their fantastic A1 illustration of the Shard, in London. This print has a peculiarity I absolutely love: each edition is slightly different, me and RUDE love layering a little quirks that come from screen printing, enjoy! Hand pulled 6 x colour screen […]

Zé Monteiro_Heart screen print


New edition! In how many ways do you show your love? Not even all the experimental textures in this print would be enough to describe mine. Love has experimentation, several forms of expression. Experiment with textures, feelings and sensations. Express your love in different ways, or perhaps all of those ways in one. But do […]

Zé Monteiro screen print workshop

Screen Print Workshop

Guess who has been teaching screen print beginner workshops in London… On the 9th of February I was more than happy to introduce the workshop’s participants to the screen printing technique. Driven by how much plastic bags are freely handed out and going to waste at his local market – East Street Market – I […]

Zé Monteiro Diwali Print

Diwali Screen Print

Commissioned triptych illustration and screen print to celebrate Diwali. As seen, screen print and hand painting finish.

Zé Monteiro banana t-shirt illustration screen print

Banana Mas Sab Ka A

Banana mas sab ka a! (There’s no tastier banana, in English) is my new illustration to be printed and sold! Link coming out soon.

Zé Monteiro i like burrill's style

I Like Burrill’s Style

I like Burrill’s typographic design and print style – simple and effective. As so, firstly I’ve made this poster in appreciation of his work, roughly using some of his type. Secondly, I’ve put my own poem on the wall, following the “type only” rule imposed by this style.

Zé Monteiro_Layered Ice Cream

Layered Ice Cream

Who said ice cream didn’t have some depth of flavour?

Porta-te Mal Preview

P de Porta-te Mal

My older cousins’ goodbye catch phrase: “Porta-te mal!”

Nexu Magazine_Zé Monteiro, Mafalda Cintra and Sara Jorge


The magazine Nexu – latin for connection – has its concept precisely in relating either people or entities with several perceptions on a specific subject. Which, in selected but very different voices, is discussed in each number, having design as its mediator. In this number we present the Grid as the main subject. First with […]


Homemade screen printing, I finally have something to show!

I went running to the print room as soon as I discovered a print from an amazing artist downstairs at Pure Evil Gallery – MadC.  

Could I have this dance?

A 4 colour A1 funky monkey and what I like to call it with the black background, a club monkey. Hand pulled screen print. Closed edition of 20, all individually hand numbered and signed. Now for sale, click here.

Beer Pong

Ever wondered about the trajectory of a ball about to hit its target? That exact moment you end up visualizing the right shot, whether afterwards you get or not. I won’t lie, me and my mate Job de Beer won that game and it felt good. Why not illustrate it and print it? Size: 16x20cm […]


These two posters are the result of an internship in my teacher’s screen printing studio, PENAZEBRA. Seeing one of our projects at school, he asked me and a friend how would we like to do an internship on his studio during the summer holidays. And so, on we went. It was simple, while we helped […]