Screen Print Workshop

Zé Monteiro screen print workshop

Guess who has been teaching screen print beginner workshops in London…

On the 9th of February I was more than happy to introduce the workshop’s participants to the screen printing technique. Driven by how much plastic bags are freely handed out and going to waste at his local market – East Street Market – I decided to hold a tote bag printing workshop right at East Street, London.

“Each person has a choice – to plastic bag their purchase or not. Little by little, If I make the community proud of their reusable tote bags, they just might use them and say no to this endless plastic bag wave”

I love how screen printing can be very hands-on, isn’t it great? The participants started by sketching their own one colour design on paper. Using that paper as a stencil, they started the cut-out process. Get the tote bag. Put the cardboard. Grab the stencil. Place the stencil. Chose the colour. Get the squeegee. All ready! (Confirm the stencil’s position one last time) Ready? Push, pull!

By the end of the workshop, each participant left happy with a better understanding of the technique and its infinite possibilities. Plus, their own tote bag, proudly screen printed by them, ready to rock their responsible shopping.

Curious about screen printing? Send me a line, you might just be in time for the next workshop!

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