Crise (Bastarda)

crise bastarda_Zé Monteiro

The project Crise Bastarda (Bastard Crisis in English) presents itself as an alert to a crisis of values in Europe.

The European Ideal’s development is based in humanist ideals, in moral valorization and in mankind. Values that take the form of ideologic columns of the European institutions, written in the The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

However, do these values still lead the European Project? In an Europe that is trying to compete in the capitalist market economy, yet still confronting political and humanitarian crises, rises the importance of disclosing awareness of the values crisis, outshined by the already mentioned ones.

“Originally, the European Union was conceived as an instrument of solidarity and cooperation. Today, its kept as whole by a dark necessity. This is not the Europe we want or need. We must revert this unbearable transformation. We must find a way of recovering the spirit of solidarity and share of values that once inspired the European imagination.”

George Soros (2012) “A crise de valores da Europa”

crise bastarda poster and book